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Allergy Season – Home Remedies

Well, it’s that time of the year again – allergy season.

Allergy SeasonTime for the plants to do their yearly mating ritual and for us to suffer from the ravages of their pollen. If you are to believe the advertisers, the reason we are suffering so badly is because we must be lacking the magic medication that will make all our symptoms disappear. If we take their drug of choice, somehow all will be well. This false way of thinking may make us feel better short term, however the side effects from the medications may be worse than the suffering caused by the allergens. Before you take any medication, please read the side effects enclosed in the medication package and then decide if the treatment is worse than the problem.

Now let’s ask ourselves a question, if there were a way to get similar results as taking drugs with no side effects, and was less expensive than the medication, would you be interested? Read More→