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Healthier Lunches – What’s for lunch?

Healthier Lunches - Nut ButtersWho Doesn’t Want Healthier Lunches?

Mid-day fatigue happens most often because of what you had for lunch.

What did you have for lunch yesterday? If you are the typical American, you had something along the lines of a burger, fries, chicken, soda, pizza, etc. Now, let’s consider another question. What is the number one complaint of my patients and people who attend my lectures? Across the board, the answer is fatigue. It seems almost everyone I encounter would like to have more energy.

So, what does this have to do with lunch? When questioned, most people say they are more fatigued after eating lunch then before. One of the major reasons for this is most lunches contain large amounts of fats. Fats, especially saturated fats found in animal products (meat and dairy), cause red blood cells to clump together. Red blood cells carry oxygen in the body and when the red blood cells clump together they are not very effective in carrying oxygen. This lack of oxygen causes the body to get tired. Read More→