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Food Allergies – Part Two

Could you have food allergies and not know it?

Food AllergiesLet’s begin by defining what food allergies are. Food Allergies happens when a specific food or foods affects the immune system and triggers the production of an antibody known as IgE to fight it.

When the immune system responds in this manner, symptoms can occur within a few minutes or not show up for several hours. A person may experience mild to severe or even life threatening reactions, anything from a skin rash to swelling of the throat and tongue (known as anaphylactic shock).

A much more common negative reaction that people have is a food intolerance. This can be similar to food allergies, but the immune system does not produce the antibody IgE. Just like food allergies, the symptoms can appear very quickly or be delayed several days. If the reaction is delayed, it can make the intolerance more difficult to detect. A runny nose on a Tuesday may be hard to relate back to eating a sandwich on the previous Sunday. Food intolerance reactions are not life threatening, but can make life miserable. Read More→