How to Help Your Vegan Mom Connect with Nature This Mother’s Day


Guest post by Janice Miller


This Mother’s Day, there’s no better gift for your vegan mom than the gift of connecting with nature. The vegan lifestyle is all about enjoying, appreciating, and respecting the natural world and your impact on it, and there are plenty of ways to help your mother have a nature-filled Mother’s Day. Here are some tips.


Help your mom start an edible garden


For a vegan, having an edible garden full of your favorite fruits, vegetables, and herbs in your own backyard is a priceless gift. This Mother’s Day, help your mother start the edible garden of her dreams.


The first step is to start small. Pick a plot of backyard or front yard land that gets at least six hours of sunlight per day and dig up the sod layer. Take the time to put down a weed barrier – whether it be gardening canvas, cardboard, or even old newspapers. Make sure you enrich the soil with compost-rich organic soil.


Help your mother decide what kinds of plants she wants to grow in her edible garden. If she’s a beginning gardener, it might be smart to start with plants with a lower learning curve. Some easy-to-grow vegetables and herbs include radishes, peppers, cucumbers, squash, chives, cilantro, and beets. Help her shop for seeds or seedlings.


“It can be tempting to buy seedlings from the nursery or grocery store, but, in some cases, planting seeds is even easier. Growing vegetables from seed also saves a lot of money, opens up a world of plant varieties and can make for healthier plants,” notes


A garden is truly a gift that keeps on giving, especially for those living the vegan lifestyle.


Spend the day surrounded by nature


If backbreaking work in the garden seems a bit too strenuous, consider planning a day in nature for your mom and the whole family. Spend time at a local arboretum or greenhouse, admiring the trees and plants. Go for a family hike. Take a day trip to the closest nature preserve or natural park in your area.


Do something for the animals


Veganism and interest in animal welfare often go hand-in-hand, and if your mother truly cares about animal welfare make this Mother’s Day about doing something for less-fortunate animals both in your community and worldwide.


Visit local animal shelters and offer to help with the dogs and cats. Take them for a walk. Consider becoming a foster parent.


On great gift for a vegan mom is a donation in her name to a worthwhile animal charity, such as Mercy for Animals, the Humane Society, or the ASPCA.


Focus on the food


Creating and helping to execute a wonderful vegan Mother’s Day brunch is a given, but if you can you should take it a step further and help set your mom up for vegan cooking success year-round. For vegans, learning how to properly and faithfully use the earth’s ingredients in food is a challenge, and also a huge goal.


Think about gifting your mom vegan cooking classes at a local cooking school. Many cities have plenty of options in this regard but if you’re having trouble finding a local vegan cooking class consider online courses.


Even if your mom has, or is starting, her own edible garden, a great gift for any vegan is a membership to a community supported agriculture program. Nothing says you care like making sure she has delicious, locally-grown fruits and vegetables delivered to her doorstep every week.


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