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What Causes High Blood Pressure?

World Health NewsHigh blood pressure can be caused by several things. In conventional teachings, we say that you need to cut back on your salt, however I have known many people to cut back or cut out their salt intake with no effect on blood pressure.

New research is showing that sugar can be as bad, if not worse than salt. When you eat sugar your body releases insulin to carry the sugar into the cells. Magnesium is part of the insulin molecule. Magnesium helps relax blood vessels and lower your blood pressure.

If you’re making a lot of insulin, you can be using up magnesium stores and this can prevent your blood vessels from properly relaxing. I also find that many patients with high blood pressure have digestive problems, such as a Hiatal Hernia. Read More→

Attention Deficit Disorder… Is It Really A Ritalin Deficiency?

Attention Deficit DisorderAttention deficit disorder is the complex neurological disorder in which a patient has a very limited ability to concentrate and most times does not perform well in social settings. Disruptive behavior, outbursts, depression and withdrawal are some other common signs of this condition. There are no definitive tests to determine if the condition exists and it is often a diagnosis by exclusion. This means if it is not anything else, then it must be this.

Let’s first look at the facts, then decide what we need to do to correct this out of control epidemic. It would appear that the condition known as attention deficit disorder (ADD) and it’s partner, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), is out of control due to the number of children and adults who suffer from the symptoms on a daily basis. The number of affected people continues to rise and many of the treatments currently being used have far- reaching and devastating side effects, which in many case are worse than the condition itself. Read More→

Computer Ergonomics – For Your Body’s Sake

Computer Ergonomics Explained…

computer ergonomicsIf you are like most of us computer users, when you sit down at your keyboard the first thing you do is lean back in your chair, slouch forward and put your arms at some bizarre angle to start your program. And if you are reading this article the odds are, you’re spending a lot of time at your computer in this or some other strange position. You probably don’t even think about how anti-productive this is to you not only while you are at the computer, but how it has far reaching negative effects on every aspect of your life. Let’s talk about how the body works and how this repetitive motion is counter-productive to what you are trying to achieve.

This is where computer ergonomics come into play.

Your brain sits up in your head (in most cases) and sends messages down your spine, out your nerves, to every one of the 80 trillion cells in your body. As long as the messages can flow uninterrupted from the brain to the body, every cell works at 100% of its capabilities. If there is any interruption of the messages, the body begins to malfunction. It will most likely work, but not at its full capacity. Read More→

Sports Medicine And Nutrition – A Non-Drug, Non-Surgical Approach

Nutrition for AthletesLet’s talk about sports medicine and nutrition.

In the case of any injury, if there is to be proper healing the injury must be treated in the proper manner at the proper time. In sports medicine this means there must be a coordination of responsibility between the patient and doctor, or trainer. Whenever an injury occurs the body will immediately begin the healing process. Our job as patient or doctor is to facilitate this process.

The first and most important step is to rest the injured area. This does not necessarily mean rest our entire body; we may work out other areas while one area heals. The injured area should be rested until any swelling, discoloration and most pain are gone. Read More→

Maintain Good Health – 3 Things You Must Have

maintain good healthIs your goal to maintain good health? There are 3 things you must have…

Imagine if there were a secret formula to get well and stay well! Would you want to know what it is? Would it be worth $1000? $10,000? $100,000? Well, here is the formula that has worked for me, my family and tens of thousands of my patients…..and I’ll give it to you for free!

There are three things we must have in order to obtain and maintain good health. These three things are 1) a normally functioning nervous system, 2) a normally functioning digestive system and 3) a good nutrition plan.
Read More→

New Year’s Resolutions? Why January Is Not The Best Time To Make Them

new year's resolutionsEvery January you hear about making New Year’s Resolutions, starting new diets, or exercise regimens. By February you aren’t hearing about this much anymore. Why is that? Why do we give up so quickly on such noble and worthwhile goals? Because we are setting ourselves up just to fail. If you look at every other animal on the planet, the winter is the time to slow down, rest, and rejuvenate. Your body naturally wants to slow down this time of year. According to Ayurvedic Medicine, winter is not the time to make changes or start new things. This is the time to finish things, end the cycle. If you must make a resolution, a good one is to “get healthy.” Go with your bodies natural rhythms. If you try to start something new right now, you are going to fail. Not because your intentions aren’t good, but because you are fighting against your own nature. January is absolutely the worst time to make extreme changes. Read More→

Attention Deficit Disorder Treatment – Naturally

Attention Deficit Disorder Treatment – ADD… it is not a Ritalin deficiency

Attention Deficit Disorder TreatmentThe way to deal with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), as well as most all diseases, is to treat the cause of the problem and not just to cover up the symptoms. Research has shown that ADD sufferers have an abnormal serotonin level. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the brain that allows a person to relax and focus better.

If a person is to suffer from a hiatal hernia, which is a condition in which the stomach spasms and, simply put, pushes up and into the area of the chest where the lungs are, this will begin a series of problems which will adversely effect the ADD sufferer. When this happens, the stomach cannot digest food properly. The partially digested food then passes into the small intestine. The small intestine cannot do the job the stomach is supposed to do, so the small intestine cannot properly break down the food further and extract the nutrients out of the food. Proteins begin to be broken down in the upper part of the small intestine, where the stomach and the small intestine come together. Read More→

World Health News – Questions and Answers

Ask Dr. Joe – World Health News

World Health NewsDr. Joe Esposito is a nutritionist, chiropractor, national lecturer and author with 30 years experience as a health professional.

Q: I am concerned that I am not getting enough protein since I have changed to a plant-based diet. Can I get the protein that I need if I eat no animal products?
A: There are no required nutrients, including protein, which you cannot get from a plant-based diet. Simply, all proteins are made of amino acids. Your body makes all the necessary amino acids. Most meats contain these essential amino acids. However, meat has so many negative effects on the body that it is a much better idea to get your amino acids from plants. The only plant source that contains all essential amino acids is soy beans. Other plants contain some, but not all, of the “big eight.” Whole grains, legumes, vegetables, nuts and seeds contain both essential and nonessential amino acids. Eating a good variety of fruits, seeds, vegetables and nuts, and eating enough food to maintain your energy level should give you the amount of protein you need. Read More→

The 7 Lifestyle Habits of Incredibly Healthy People

Lifestyle habits

Lifestyle HabitsMost folks will agree that it is a good idea to take care of their body in order to obtain and maintain good health. The problem is that most people don’t know what to do, or, they do know what to do, but don’t have the willpower to make the changes. If there were a simple, easy to understand, step by step method of improving your life, would you do it? I posed this question to several hundred people and most of them said they would changed their lives for the better if they just knew how. I then surveyed extremely healthy people to find out how they can be healthy and still live a “normal” life. The results of that fact finding mission have been compiled into what I call “The 7 Lifestyle Habits of Extremely Healthy People.”

The following is a simple outline of their lifestyle habits:

#1 They don’t poison their bodies
Your first step in maximizing your health is to stop polluting yourself. Here are the most harmful food you need to eliminate.

The Seven Deadly Sinful Foods: Read More→