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Healthy Foods – So What Should I Eat?

What are healthy foods?

Healthy FoodsIf you have been following the news for even a few days, it seems everything you eat is bad for you. Some studies show that even food that is universally accepted as “bad” may in fact have some benefit, although what some consider “good” is questionable. The biggest question I am asked after a person gets an awareness of how toxic their diet may be is : “So…what do I eat?”

Many of the foods we have held sacred and close to our hearts we now know are leading to our demise. The milk we were forced to drink back in the school cafeteria helped lead to the osteoporosis, cancer and heart disease that is now epidemic in our society. The hydrogenated oil-based cookie and cake filling we would suck out of the middle of our snacks is now found to be loaded with free radicals. These free radicals are draining the vital alkaline nutrients from our bodies making our bodies more acidic and thus a welcome environment for many diseases to prosper. With all this gloom and doom, what’s a person to do? Read More→

Healthier Lunches – What’s for lunch?

Healthier Lunches - Nut ButtersWho Doesn’t Want Healthier Lunches?

Mid-day fatigue happens most often because of what you had for lunch.

What did you have for lunch yesterday? If you are the typical American, you had something along the lines of a burger, fries, chicken, soda, pizza, etc. Now, let’s consider another question. What is the number one complaint of my patients and people who attend my lectures? Across the board, the answer is fatigue. It seems almost everyone I encounter would like to have more energy.

So, what does this have to do with lunch? When questioned, most people say they are more fatigued after eating lunch then before. One of the major reasons for this is most lunches contain large amounts of fats. Fats, especially saturated fats found in animal products (meat and dairy), cause red blood cells to clump together. Red blood cells carry oxygen in the body and when the red blood cells clump together they are not very effective in carrying oxygen. This lack of oxygen causes the body to get tired. Read More→

Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

Here are some healthy lunchbox ideas…

Healthy Lunchbox IdeasReplacing even a couple of items can help you maintain control over your lunches while you’re at work or play.

  1. BFL (Breakfast for Lunch): A toasted whole-grain waffle or pancake sandwich spread with almond butter. A variation: vegan cream cheese and maple sugar, stevia, raw honey or grade B maple syrup (Grade B is taken from the tree at the end of the season and has more nutrients). Add some fresh fruit on the side.
  2. Tomato sandwich. Coconut or soy yogurt in a single-serve container, a baggie full of granola or other high-fiber cereal, a package of dried fruit or fresh berries and a spoon.
  3. The Californian: spread a spinach or whole-wheat wrap with vegan cream cheese, shredded carrots, and your choice of raisins, shredded raw spinach, chopped black olives, and cooked black beans. Roll back up and enjoy.
  4. Chef Salad: Layer bite-size pieces of romaine lettuce and as many chopped veggies as you please: carrots, celery or mushrooms, halved cherry tomatoes, cooked beets, green beans, bell peppers. Add a little salad dressing to a cup and pack in lunch box. Fruit or wholesome cookies for dessert.

Read More→

Turn Fast Food into Fast “Health” Food

Here are some ideas on Fast “Health” Food

Yes, healthy fast food does exist…and not only fast food, but “traveling fare” is also at your fingertips. Let’s say you are going on a long car ride and don’t want to have to pack a huge cooler, or you are on a hike and want to stop for lunch, or you are a flight attendant and are tired of unhealthy airplane and airport food Fear not, we’ve got you covered.

Fast Health Foods - Tabouli

But first, some stats on “ordinary” fast food…

  • 30% of Americans eat at least one meal outside the home
  • six out of ten Americans are either overweight or obese
  • 15% of 6 to 9 year olds are overweight
  • one in three children in the US eat at least one fast food meal per day

There are the obvious fast health foods, (or maybe not so obvious), healthy choices such as fruit bars and trail mix. These are usually my first choices, they are inexpensive, don’t need to be refrigerated and will help keep you healthy while under the stress of traveling. Read More→

Eat Your Vegetables! High Five or Vegephobic?

VegephobicDo you eat your vegetables?

Do you eat enough to maintain good health? Here’s a pop-quiz to measure your results.

Circle the fruits and vegetables you have eating in the last week. Give yourself a point for every serving. (A serving is defined as 1 cup lettuce or raw leafy vegetables; ¾ cup of 100% fruit or vegetable juice; ½ cup cut–up-fruit or cooked vegetables; 1 medium whole fruit; ½ cup cooked beans or other legumes or ¼ cup dried fruit.) Count the total and read below for your score. Read More→