Attention Deficit Disorder Treatment – Naturally

Attention Deficit Disorder Treatment – ADD… it is not a Ritalin deficiency

Attention Deficit Disorder TreatmentThe way to deal with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), as well as most all diseases, is to treat the cause of the problem and not just to cover up the symptoms. Research has shown that ADD sufferers have an abnormal serotonin level. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the brain that allows a person to relax and focus better.

If a person is to suffer from a hiatal hernia, which is a condition in which the stomach spasms and, simply put, pushes up and into the area of the chest where the lungs are, this will begin a series of problems which will adversely effect the ADD sufferer. When this happens, the stomach cannot digest food properly. The partially digested food then passes into the small intestine. The small intestine cannot do the job the stomach is supposed to do, so the small intestine cannot properly break down the food further and extract the nutrients out of the food. Proteins begin to be broken down in the upper part of the small intestine, where the stomach and the small intestine come together.

If the stomach is in spasm, it will essentially pull on the small intestine and this prevents the small intestine from doing one of its jobs, which is mixing enzymes that break down proteins with food. When proteins are broken down into smaller particles, these particles are called amino acids. These amino acids are eventually converted into neurotransmitters used by the brain. If we are not breaking down and absorbing enough protein, the protein that is absorbed is first used by the muscular system so that the muscular system can protect the body.

If there are any “left over” proteins, they are then used for what is known as “higher cortical function”, or in other words, the muscles get the proteins first and whatever is left the brain will use. If we don’t have enough proteins for proper brain function, we can see abnormal brain function such as ADD and other brain malfunctions.

The nutrients we get from food are the fuel for every function of our bodies. One of these functions is the production of serotonin. Serotonin is used by the brain to help you relax and focus. Serotonin is produced in the digestive system and if the digestive system is not working, we cannot produce the proper amounts of serotonin, thus adversely affecting the Attention Deficit Disorder patient and perhaps causing the ADD. Now that we know what could be causing the problem, let’s talk about fixing it.

The stomach is located in the middle of the trunk of your body on the left side. To find it, begin at your left nipple and go down toward your feet until you come to the bottom of your rib cage. Now go slightly to the left and this is where your stomach is.

In order to fix someone’s hiatal hernia begin by having them lie on their back. You need to stand or sit on their right side. Find where their stomach is by drawing an imaginary line down from their left nipple to the bottom of their rib cage. Now move slightly to the left and this is where their stomach will be. The stomach is about the size of your fist. (If you place your fist on their abdomen with the border of your pinky finger along the bottom ridge of their ribs and the thumb part of your hand down toward the feet, this is where their stomach is.) We need to pull it down from under the lower border of the ribs. Begin by placing your four fingers of your left hand on the area of the abdomen where the top of the stomach is, just under the lower border of the rib cage. Now place the four fingers of your right hand over the fingers of your left hand in order to have more strength. Push down with your fingers into the other person’s abdomen as deep as you can go. This may require quite a bit of pressure. Now that your fingers are deep in the other person’s abdomen, pull down toward their feet. Have them breathe in and then exhale. As they exhale, pull down toward their feet. Keep your hands where they are after they exhale and have them breathe in again. As they exhale again, pull down and in again. Keep your fingers deep in and have them breathe in and out again, once again you pull down and in. (You may feel gurgling, this is a good sign, it means you have moved the stomach down towards its normal position.) Now release your fingers and let then recuperate for a minute and do it two more times. Do this every day or every other day until the symptoms go away. Some people it takes only one or two treatments, others it may take 15 to 20 treatments.

Once the stomach treatment is done for the day, it is a good idea to relax the entire large intestine. Begin at a point between the belly button and the right front hip bone. Again, position yourself on the right side of the patient while they lie on their back. Using your four fingers on your left hand, push deep into the abdomen. If the person is thin enough, you should feel a bump, sort of like the feeling of the tip of your nose. If you can’t feel it, that is OK. Pushing as deep as the person will let you and begin to rub in a clockwise manner in a circle about the size of a silver dollar. Again, if it gurgles, that is a good thing. Rub about 10 clockwise circles. Now move up toward the right nipple about 6 inches (or half way between the hip bone and the lower border of the ribs) and do this again, rubbing 10, deep, clockwise circles. Move up to the lower border of the right rib cage and do it again. Now move toward the left to the center of the abdomen and repeat. Now move to the left, where the stomach is, and do it again. Now move straight down about 6 inches and repeat. Finish at a point between the belly button and the left hip bone and repeat.

This technique will relax the digestive system and get it working more normally. The more you do it, the deeper the patient will allow you to go and the better results you will get.